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Woodburning Stoves

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Woodburning Stoves

Guy Crabb Plumbing and Heating are local specialists in supplying and installing exceptional wood-burning stoves for your home.

Our experienced HETAS engineers will guide you through every step, from selecting a stove to successful installation and finishing to the highest standard.

We have carefully selected the best wood-burning stove manufacturers on the market for you to choose from and recommend visiting our showroom in Bridport. Here you can explore the stove ranges and discuss the best possible option to suit your needs, including stoves for smoke-controlled areas to meet new DEFRA standards.

Selecting a stove requires an analysis of the room size, consideration of the safest position, and suitability of your chimney or room for a new flue if needed.

Our experienced team, led by Charlie Slocombe, has decades of experience and can work around any installation issues.

We specialize in thatch houses and period properties. Our team has the necessary building skills to make any required modifications within the room or roof space for your fire to operate safely.

Whether you are looking to replace a traditional open fireplace with an inset stove or a freestanding wood-burning stove, our craftsmen can make the necessary changes to your fireplace.

Wherever you choose to put a wood-burning stove, there is nothing like the crackle of real wood to make a house a home, and we will be happy to achieve this for you in Dorset, Devon, or Somerset.

Want to know more..?

So you’ve been thinking about having a stove but you have no Flue.

Always remember No Flue is no problem, just ask us!

Speak to any of our friendly staff about any aspect of having a woodburning stove installed into your house. A flue system can be designed and fitted in most cases through a variety of methods. Our experienced team led by Charlie Slocombe have a wealth of experience within all types properties including thatch, period and modern.

A custom flue can turn your wood burning stove dreams into reality.

If you are thinking of eco-friendly heating solutions for your home you may consider installing a woodburning stove. Whether you choose a contemporary or a traditionally styled stove, there is nothing quite like the atmosphere created by the flicker of a real flame.

Wood as a fuel is sustainable and renewable. If you use appropriate dry seasoned firewood a wood-burning stove will burn cleanly, giving off as much carbon dioxide when burnt as it absorbed during its lifetime, creating a carbon neutral solution.

Most woodburning stoves are approved for use in smoke control areas as they burn cleanly and efficiently, emitting very little smoke into the atmosphere. The most important factor to consider is a safe installation by a HETAS approved installer.

Old or poorly installed wood burning stoves result in higher maintenance costs, greater risk of smoke emission and an increase in air pollution which can impact your health and a greater risk of house fires. Remember, too, that you should never smell smoke from your wood stove. If you do, this means that it is not operating efficiently or safely and should be serviced.
At Guy Crabb Plumbing and Heating, Bridport we offer a wide range of wood-burning stoves that have been designed to give you high efficiency, whilst creating minimal impact on the environment. Our team can guide you in your choice of stove and our HETAS certified installers will ensure a safe installation every time.

To find out more about our range of stoves and view over 30 displays including working models from Clearview, Arada, Firebelly and AGA Stoves please visit our showroom, Guy Crabb Plumbing and Heating, 1A Gore Cross Business Park, Bridport or contact our office on 01308 420464.

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