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As specialists in supplying and installing AGA stoves, we understand the significance of this iconic brand in elevating your home. Whether you’re envisioning a rustic, traditional aesthetic or a more modern, sleek design, our team at Guy Crabb is dedicated to turning your dreams into reality.

Why choose an AGA stove?

For over 90 years AGA has remained at the forefront of engineering excellence.  AGA stoves embody the best AGA traditions and employ the very latest technology. When you invest in an AGA stove you are acquiring a piece of history, a talking point and a centrepiece for your home. AGA stoves are brought to you by the manufacturers of the world famous AGA range cooker. They are assembled by hand by skilled craftsmen, giving each one a personal touch and unique quality.

With a reputation for technical excellence, AGA stoves are amongst the best you can buy. Each model is individually designed to ensure that the air flows around the stove in the most efficient way possible, while all the components are manufactured to the highest technical standards. In addition, each gruelling series of quality control checks, including a visual inspection of the casting, before it is allowed to leave the factory.

In addition most models can burn either wood or solid fuel and we have a model with a boiler to provide domestic hot water.


Often it is those things which you don’t see that make all the difference.
AGA stoves incorporate the latest Active Airflow technology, to deliver the most efficient use of energy and to protect the environment from harmful emissions.
Fresh air is carefully channelled below, around and above the fire box to create the optimum conditions for combustion. Any solid particles and volatile gases produced from the fire are re-ignited and burnt off before they can enter the atmosphere.

This process not only guarantees that you achieve the maximum heat output from your chosen fuel,  but also helps to keep the window clean and clear, so that you can enjoy the flame picture to the full.


  • A controllable air intake allows you to set the rate of combustion.
  • Pre-heated air from the rear of the stove creates a secondary burn, which increases the heat output and burns off impurities.
  • Air flows across the window keeping it clean and clear, giving a magnificent view of the fire.

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